Saif Ahmad Pre-med programmer


A few projects that I’ve worked on. Some are games, some were class assignments, some are hobby projects that I did for fun. Some would look a lot better if I was an artist.

Chance of Precipitation

screenshot of chance of precipitation This game is a clone of the popular game Risk of Rain. It was made for a final project for a video game design class in my junior year of high school. It features procedural level generation and a level editor to edit and add different pieces to add more variety. It utilizes quad tree collision to reduce resources used during collision detection. Used the XNA game development framework and recently migrated to MonoGame.

Missile Command

screenshot of missile command A remake of the classic Atari game Missile Command, made in my junior year of high school with a partner for a project in a game development class. It features infinite levels with increasing difficulty, simple controls and sound. Uses the XNA game development framework.

Beleaguered Castle

A simple, yet nearly impossible, game of Beleaguered Castle in C# with the XNA framework.

Cellular Automata

My implementation of various cellular automata. Written in Java and includes the following automata: